Stage 4

Expand Exponentially With
Online Courses

The platform HBA has been very great for our business. Last month, I almost doubled my income.

I have deeply appreciated the community aspect of what HBA is, stands for and is creating. I have felt supported. I have felt like I have a herd in terms of the challenges that I face, every day, every week, and I have someone to turn to for encouragement when I need it and knowledge when I lack it.

I know that I can streamline my efforts without wearing the badge of honor of burnout.

~ Giorgia Ghizzoni -

Stage 4

Scale Infinitely With Online Courses

I've learned so much from Christiane, in a very short time already. I have so much more awareness about what I post on social media, how i'm posting it and who I'm 'talking' to.

I highly recommend Christiane. Her carefully considered and generous work is invaluable. Her ability to explain marketing and business development in a way that is both understandable and workable within the constraints of a busy life is just brilliant.

~ Rachel Windchaser - Windchaser Ranch

looking for Freedom and security?

Are you at a point in your business where the horse stalls are bursting, your client waitlist stretches to the horizon, and your clinics are booked solid, leaving your days more packed than a Los Angeles freeway?

Well, then it's high time you take what you know and turn it into digital gold.

This is the perfect opportunity to invest your precious time in crafting online courses and membership programs.

Why, you ask? Because this is THE ticket to getting closer to that elusive passive income everyone's raving about.

But it's not just about the money.
Online courses can supercharge your reputation, create a global audience, and even give you the power to up your in-person prices.

But here's the kicker: creating, packaging, and selling online courses isn't as simple as the gurus make it sound.

It takes a bulletproof strategy, spot-on messaging, a unique niche, an even more unique approach, and a dollop of patience to master this new realm of online entrepreneurship.

But we've got your back.
With combined decades of experience in the online world, we've got the right strategies, easy-to-use software, and the automation magic to make it happen.

And guess what? We don't do fluff; we offer high-end, no-nonsense coaching to get you where you want to be.

Before we dive in headfirst, learn a bit more of what it takes and let's chat to figure out if creating online courses is the perfect next step on your journey to equine excellence.

Our 'Financial Freedom' Solution

Combining the powerful marketing and management impacts of systems 1 & 2



'Sales Funnel' Formula

NO online course can succeed without the help of ads. But ads alone are a waste of money unless the entire sales process works.
So, we provide you with:

  • Global Facebook ad templates

  • Pre-built webinar funnels

  • Pre-built sales funnel pages, proven to convert

  • Pre-built checkout pages, optimized for sales

  • Pre-built email series:

    • Webinar registration emails

    • Webinar attendance reminder emails

    • Post-Webinar sales emails

    • Welcome emails


Online Course Web System

Our all-in-one tool preloaded, that allows you to combine your in-person web system with your online sales and courses.

  • Online course platform

  • Online community feature

  • Sales pages

  • Checkout pages

  • Email marketing management

  • 3x Week Coaching for your questions about:

    • Tech

    • Automations

    • Software

  • 24/hour/day support for your software

Live Coaching

'Unhobbled Business' Mastermind

This is our highest level coaching group. Here meet the 'serious' players. Those who not afraid to think in 7-figure numbers..

  • Weekly coaching calls with our founder and veteran online marketer, Christiane Witt on:

    • Strategy

    • Messaging

    • Niching

    • Curriculum

    • Copywriting

    • Inner Game of Success

  • Incl. Webpage reviews and recommendations

  • Exclusive small group coaching, just enough to get inspired but with enough time for individual attention

  • Collaboration opportunities galore

Live Coaching

Bonus 1

Private 2-Hour VIP Strategy and planning session with Christiane Witt, whenever you need it. 3x yearly.

Value: $7,500/year

Live Coaching

Bonus 2

To keep you organized and moving forward consistently, 4x per year, you can book a 60-minute private quarterly review and goal-setting call with one of us.

Value: $4000/year

With this coaching package, Christiane helps you to a life of
personal freedom and financial security
Her goal is that you'll reach the 7-figure mark within 2-3 years of marketing your courses.

(of course, much depends on you, your topic, your expertise and commitment,
BUT she has seen those results)

This is an exclusive program that requires a minimum of 12-month commitment.

Why don't you book your exploratory call now and
we'll find out together if this is the best next step for you!

Book Your Call Now!

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HorseBizAutomated isn't just another business solution. It's a game-changer in the horse industry.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the horse business, our team brings unparalleled insights and understanding. We're not just tech experts; we are horse people helping horse people. Our solutions are crafted with a deep understanding to the specific needs of the horse industry at the forefront.

Christiane Witt - Founder/Head of Strategy

Cerice Berndsen - Head of Marketing

Leah Griesbach - Head of Technology

Do I have to have conducted clinics first?

While having testing your curriculum and your topics in clinics is really good market validation, we can only help you valid your offer differently. Still, we do recommend that have some clinic/workshop experience.

Will I be sold to on this call with you?

Nope. Look, if we were to work together, we set up all you need FOR YOU. If you then cancel two months later because we 'sold' you into something, that will only cost us money. So, no!
Instead, on the call you'll gain clarity about what next step(s) will be the most important ones for you to grow your business on the long run.

I am tech-challenged. Will you set everything up for me?

Yes! If you decide to work with us, we'll guide you through a thorough onboarding process and then our team goes to work for you. After we've set everything up, then our online courses and our coaching (included in your investment in us) will empower you to use your new system with confidence.

What are your fees?

Our starter package begins at US $195/month. That includes 3x week group coaching, access to all the tools, our set up and all the training you need to move to the next stage of your business.

Even our high end packages are in the hundreds per month, not the small fortune agencies charge.

Can one of my staff members work with you?

Yes, of course. When it comes to running the software and making minor changes in your funnels, a staff member can attend our weekly group coaching calls. But the mastermind itself is only for ou.

Do I need to host my website with you?

Not necessarily. During our 'audit' call, we'll find out together if it's easier to keep your old site and integrate our tool with what you already have, OR if it's easier for us to build you a brand new site.
If you only want to use our sales system and course platform, they easily integrate with your site.

Who manages my ad account?

You do, but we meet with you for the set up and teach you how to analyze the best ads and minimize your costs. Our experience shows that it's incredibly empowering and money-saving when you or someone on your team is responsible for the ads.

What type of support do you offer outside of the coaching calls?

We offer 24 hours/day Chat support!
And boy, they respond fast. Most often you'll get someone super knowledgable within 2-3 minutes!

How can you deliver so quickly?

HorseBizAutomated is built on a cutting edge software platform called HighLevel, which our agency has branded and sells specifically to horse business owners like you.

This allows us to focus on creating solutions customized exclusively catered to the needs of the busy horse professional. It also frees us up to help our users grow and scale their businesses while leaving all the coding and feature developement to the tech wizards behind the scenes at HighLevel.

This powerful combination means that our software systems stay on the cutting edge and we can focus on outstanding service, fast deliver, and expert coaching based on our expertise in the horse industry and the marketing world.

We use our own proprietary marketing templates built on the software platform, leverage in the power of AI, and your unique perspective on the clients you serve to deliver best in class marketing systems that help you get more clients, simplify your operations, and leverage our systems to help you scale like you never imagined possible.

Not sure if this is the stage your business is in?

No problem. Click on the other stages below and see for yourself:

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