Stage 2

Streamline Your Operation…

Horsebizsautomated has programmes, templates and personal coaching that for me is second to none in the Equine Business world.
The team is helping create structure, and accountability on the business side when I would rather be outside, with my equine mates or coaching.

The structure of their courses are so clear and easy to follow, the templates flow and give me faith that I can actually do it, and they are beautiful!

~ Lynley Bolt (NZ) -

Stage 2

Streamline Your Operation

I've learned so much from Christiane, in a very short time already. I have so much more awareness about what I post on social media, how i'm posting it and who I'm 'talking' to.

I highly recommend Christiane. Her carefully considered and generous work is invaluable. Her ability to explain marketing and business development in a way that is both understandable and workable within the constraints of a busy life is just brilliant.

~ Rachel Windchaser - Windchaser Ranch

Are you drowning in tedious paperwork?

Are you still in the endless chase for those elusive checks?
Are you finding yourself counting gray hairs while fretting over cash flow problems?

Do you end up in bed at night, feeling downright disrespected after dealing with no-shows, knowing how much money you've lost that day?

And what's even worse, are your own beloved horses stuck in their stalls while you drown in overdue billing paperwork?

Well, here's the deal, it's time to embrace the power of automation.

We get it, technology can seem intimidating, but trust us, once you take the plunge and automate your booking, rescheduling, cancellations, payment collection, invoicing, and client reminders, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

When your business starts running itself like a well-oiled machine, you'll finally have the freedom to focus on growth.

Our 'Time & Cashflow Maker' Solution


'No More No-Shows' System

Gone are the frustrations of being stood up. We'll set up the complete Self-Booking system up for you and put you in charge.

  • Online scheduling with upfront payment (your cashflow will thank you)

  • Automatic appointment reminders (email and text)

  • Automatic cancellation option

  • Automatic rescheduling when it fits into YOUR calendar

  • Automated policy reminder emails (gone are the days of having to repeat yourself over and over)


Team Calendar

Fully integrated multi-user digital calendar for you & staff.

  • Keep track of all appointments. Increase productivity of your team as you see who has availability, all with one glance.

  • Sync with your favorite calendar app for seamless schedule tracking


Recurring Billing

Sick and tired of manually billing clients, chasing after their payments while you lose track of who paid you and when?

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of manual billing. Our recurring billing feature automates the entire process.

  • No more chasing after payments or losing track of who paid and when.

  • Ensure a steady and predictable cash flow for your business.

  • Make it convenient for your clients to pay for your services so you get paid on time.


Automated Invoicing

Sick and tired of manually billing clients, chasing after their payments while you lose track of who paid you and when?

  • Automated Monthly Invoicing with reminders (email and text)

  • Payment by credit card or ACH bank transfer

  • Sell profitable add on services and automate their billing


Ready-To-Send Newsletter Template

Create an engaged community with service reminders & new service offers with minimum effort and maximum impact. Use it to:

  • Instantly connect with your list by effortlessly sharing service reminders and new offers.

  • Foster a sense of community among your audience.

  • Upsell and cross-sell effectively, turning your newsletter into a revenue-generating tool for your business.


Universal Inbox Deluxe

Gone are the days of juggling text, social media messages, phone call, emails. Imagine the time and sanity saved...

  • Inbound & Outbound Calling w/ Missed Call Text Back

  • 2 Way Text & Email Integration- Facebook Messenger

  • Instagram Messenger

  • Web Chat- Google My Business Messaging

  • Contact Management Center to keep track of all contacts, communication & documents in on place



We handle everything for you and you only pay a monthly access fee.

Within 3 short weeks, you'll have:

  • An automated scheduling, reschedule and cancelation system

  • Your invoicing on autopilot

  • Recurring billing formatted for your services

  • Team calendar configured

  • All your messaging devices connected to your universal inbox

  • Newsletter set up with your branding

Live Coaching

FREE Business Coaching

Most people pay at least $1500/month for business coaching...

that's NOT what you should be investing in at this stage of your business!

Get FREE access to our coaching group 3x week with our starter plan!
Yup, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you get answers to your questions about:

  • Technology

  • Marketing

  • Automations

  • Strategy

  • Anything that is going through your mind


2x monthly we hold in-depth virtual interactive workshops

on strategy, productivity, branding, messaging, social media and more.

Imagine how steep your learning curve will be with 14, yes 14 coaching calls per week!!!

Of course, you can also just drop in and out of our sessions as needed to get your questions answered.

Weekly Coaching Call Times:

Monday: 4pm ET, 8am Melbourne (Tues), 10am NZ (Tues), 10pm Berlin

Wednesday: 3pm ET, 7am Melbourne (Thurs), 9am NZ (Thurs), 9pm Berlin

Friday: 11am ET, 5am Melbourne

Mobile App

Mobile Management Tool

Respond to contacts, manage client bookings & invoicing on the go from the arena, show ring, clinic tour or dare we say vacation destination with our mobile Universal Inbox, Booking & Payment app.

Live Coaching


To keep you organized and moving forward consistently, 2x per year, you can book a 60-minute private quarterly review and goal-setting call with one of us.

Value: $2000/year


We love the feeling of having things organized...

We believe deeply that without organization, our minds can't rest and our businesses can't grow.

But we CAN create this peace of mind for you!

For only $395/mth, our goal is to save you 3, yes, THREE precious hours a day, so you have time to do what you love, rest (what, what a concept...) and get ready to bring your business up to the next stage!

HorseBizAutomated isn't just another business solution. It's a game-changer in the horse industry.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the horse business, our team brings unparalleled insights and understanding. We're not just tech experts; we are horse people helping horse people. Our solutions are crafted with a deep understanding to the specific needs of the horse industry at the forefront.

Christiane Witt

Founder & Head of Strategy

Cerice Berndsen

Head of Marketing

Leah Griesbach

Head of Technology

Do you offer custom solutions?

Yes, of course. On our call together, we'll 'audit' your business for what you need to succeed. Then you'll receive a plan on how to best grow your business, including our custom solution.

Will I be sold to on this call with you?

Nope. Look, if we were to work together, we set up all you need FOR YOU. If you then cancel two months later because we 'sold' you into something, that will only cost us money. So, no!
Instead, on the call you'll gain clarity about what next step(s) will be the most important ones for you to grow your business on the long run.

I am tech-challenged. Will you set everything up for me?

Yes! If you decide to work with us, we'll guide you through a thorough onboarding process and then our team goes to work for you. After we've set everything up, then our online courses and our coaching (included in your investment in us) will empower you to use your new system with confidence.

What are your fees?

Our starter package begins at US $195/month. That includes 3x week group coaching, access to all the tools, our set up and all the training you need to move to the next stage of your business.

Even our high end packages are in the hundreds per month, not the small fortune agencies charge.

Can one of my staff members work with you?

Yes, of course. We'll meet to strategize with you, then you can hand everything over to a staff member. You'll still have access to all our trainings and should you lose that staff member, a new one can be quickly brought up to speed.

Do I need to host my website with you?

Not necessarily. During our 'audit' call, we'll find out together if it's easier to keep your old site and integrate our tool with what you already have, OR if it's easier for us to build you a brand new site.

I need to rebrand my entire business, do you help with that?

Yes we do. We have a certain number of time slots every month dedicated for clients just like you whose messaging is outdated, and who want to attract a higher end clientele. This kind of specialized consulting required a 1-time fee.

What type of support do you offer outside of the coaching calls?

We offer 24 hours/day Chat support! And boy, they respond fast.
Most often you'll get someone super knowledgable within 2-3 minutes!

How can you deliver so quickly?

HorseBizAutomated is built on a cutting edge software platform called HighLevel, which our agency has branded and sells specifically to horse business owners like you.

This allows us to focus on creating solutions customized exclusively catered to the needs of the busy horse professional. It also frees us up to help our users grow and scale their businesses while leaving all the coding and feature developement to the tech wizards behind the scenes at HighLevel.

This powerful combination means that our software systems stay on the cutting edge and we can focus on outstanding service, fast deliver, and expert coaching based on our expertise in the horse industry and the marketing world.

We use our own proprietary marketing templates built on the software platform, leverage in the power of AI, and your unique perspective on the clients you serve to deliver best in class marketing systems that help you get more clients, simplify your operations, and leverage our systems to help you scale like you never imagined possible.

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